She does not need to date, she needs to diet

These were the comments Diana used to get when she had put on a lot of weight due to stress after losing her husband a few months ago. 

Now thanks to Sleep Slimmer Complex formula, she has lost 70 lb of weight and got back to her shape turning heads even in her 60s.

While over 70% of American adults are overweight... 56-year-old widow Diane is feeling better than ever, thanks to her stunning 70lbs weight loss in just a few short months!

And the best part? Diane didn't spend hours in the gym or spend her days meticulously weighing and measuring every morsel of food she put into her mouth...

No, Diane found a much simpler solution that transformed her flabby body into a slimmer, sexier and eye gazing one while enjoying her favorite foods.

That's right – thanks to a natural night remedy that's scientifically proven to boost weight loss by 135%, she dropped a whopping 70lbs without even trying!

This simple solution is powerful, fat busting formula called Sleep Slimmer Complex that is enriched with a native Indian fat destroying herb and a few other potent herbs combined perfectly to incinerate body fat naturally, quickly and without any grueling workout in the gym.

This formula contains:

- Gugul

 It is a powerful slimming nutrient from India that helps lose 135% more weight proven in a study by University of Georgia. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and supports a healthy anti inflammatory response in the body.

- Melatonin

It is a powerful ingredient that induces deep, restful sleep. Sleep supports weight loss and according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Oxidative Medicine, scientist found that the group which was given Melatonin lost weight 176% faster than the placebo group.


 GABA relaxes the nervous system and helps the body return to a calm state so your body can regain its normal balance and gets a better sleep. According to research from Hiroshima University in Japan, GABA can help decrease weight gain by as much as 30%!22 - that's at least TWO dress sizes!

- Passion Flower

 In the Journal of Sleep Science, Passion Flower has been shown to increase the time spent asleep by a massive 26% which means you could be spending as much as 2 more hours per night fast asleep instead of tossing and turning.

- Valerian Root

In a study published by the National Institute of Health, it’s been shown to HALVE the time it takes to fall asleep. It also improves the quality of sleep thus, it supports healthy weight loss.

Sleep Slimmer Complex supplement also contains amazing ingredients like:

Lemon Balm Extract

all these ingredients have been perfectly combined into a powerful formula in a USA facility which is regularly inspected by FDA. 

Sleep Slimmer Complex is the Only solution that helps lose weight without going to gym. Its ingredients when combined with healthy lifestyle work like a charm. You will NEVER feel like an absolute failure when You start using it.

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